Xfinity WiFi

As much as I already hate Comcast, they continue to innovate and impress in the field of general shiftiness.

I’ve known for a while that Xfinity offers these wifi hotspots for public use. I have also known that these hot spots are coming from people’s home router.

I didn’t understand why you’d want that. I have always opted for at least a separate router. I have this idea that the router/access point dies faster than the modem.

Consider how strong that wifi signal has to be in order to be available from the street. A neighbor of mine’s network broadcasts louder than mine in my own place.

So I asked her why she has it on if she never uses it and also isn’t it creepy?

Turns out this is not an opt-in service and she didn’t even realize It was coming from her router. I showed her the BSSID of the public point and her own network and sure enough, only different by x0A or so. Same signal strength and channel.

She had no idea! Comcast sucks ass.